We have gathered a group of independent associates of recognized professional and human qualities.These associates have shown practical experience as internal leaders and as external consultants, and they attend training courses in Argentina and USA every year.

They are professionals from different fields of work, such as engineering, psychology, business administrations, accountants and human resources specialists.

We have more than two decades of experience advising and providing consulting services in Latin America. Those two decades have left us with a vast knowledge of the business and organizational culture in the region.
This knowledge and experience allows us to provide a service that not only eases the understanding, but facilitates internal changes despite challenges and cultural diversity that may exists.


We work to develop the most effective solution for your organization. We have the capabilities and experience required to provide a tailor-made service to meet your organization’s needs.


Select the area that interests you to see details of what we offer.

  • Standardization
  • PDCA
  • Kaizen
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Lean Culture
  • TRIZ Creativity
  • Good Hotel and Restaurant Practices
  • Recyclable Waste
  • Sustainable results

    The Standardization practice gives solidity, credibility and productivity to an organization.

    We standardize internal processes to give the organization a healthy, legitimate and productive culture. Not only to certify or recover the norm but to achieve and overcome the organization’s goals. Standardization is part of the Lean Culture although it operates in an autonomous way: it is not a requirement to be a “Lean organization” to standardize processes.

    • We offer
    • Standardization Training
      • Training and Support for ISO certification.
      • Lean techniques training (visual management, 5S, control meeting, Kamishibai and Kata)
      • Validation of competency standards.
      • Accurate and fast documentation
      • Management of strategic and operating indicators
      • Clients’ information (surveys, claims, others)
      • Suppliers’ information (assessment and development)
    • It is divided into 2 stages:


      “On the job training”, working directly with the teamwork


      Preparation and application of the new standardization system, also for certification (if required).

      It is divided into 2 stages:



      “On the job training”, working directly with the teamwork



      Preparation and application of the new standardization system, also for certification (if required).


    Continuous Improvement in a “Lean environment”

    We transform theory into dynamic and enriching lessons: instead of only explaining and describing the Lean concepts, we guide our attendees into understanding them as from their own discovery and personal experience.

    Acquired knowledge and skills
    • How to better define the initial situation
    • How to define an objective
    • How to do process mapping
    • Waste concept
    • How to use the “5 whys” technique to reach the root cause
    • How to use data to validate causes and solutions
    • How to define contingent and definite actions
    • How to test new solutions
    • How to achieve learning
    • How to maintain new practices and their results

    PDCA workshop: from a game to real action
    During the activity, The Case Study helps attendees to learn from their own mistakes and successes. By working on the data provided, they apply the tools and verify the results (cycle time, use of resources, costs, etc.).
    We offer 1, 2 and 3 days workshops.

  • Kaizen Workshop:
    Kaizen Workshop: A problem- An Objective- A Result

    Time sensitive problem solutions. There is no time for long theories. It must be ACTION.

    Usually, problem solutions are time sensitive: instead of explaining theoretical concepts or train people in simulated situations, we train them by solving a specific problem at work with their team in real time (production line, customer area, call center or any other).

    Our support and personalized follow-up in each of the stages and decision making process, provide either an effective result for the organization and training for the team going through the process.

    The attendees acquire the necessary tools to solve and implement new processes, developing their potential and talent.

    Start Up

    We determinate what the real problem is. The group that will participate in the workshop (leader, members, sponsor and support group) gets together and settles the short and medium term goals. Data from the group/area is relieved by IMCG, to be able to evaluate different strategies.


    We present the developed solution to the work team. The improvement processes are applied. The results of the new processes are analyzed for optimization. Based on those results, we develop fast and accurate solutions to problems and the final improvement solution and the Action Plan is configured. It is tested and validated using data collected.


    The final improvement solution is applied. The team has to apply the Action Plan developed during the workshop. We ensure sustainability of the results.


    We go back to the work place on regular basis to monitor the new processes, verify their good performance and validate the achieved results.

  • Improvement and Innovation new system installation

    Where other see problems, we see the opportunity to generate changes and create new options. We eliminate the gaps and expedite the creation of solutions.

    The combination of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, provide an improvement system that actively operates on two objectives: On the one hand, it identifies the causes of the variation and reduces them using DMAIC technique (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control). Statistics are used to validate data and understand the problem. On the other hand, the application of Lean techniques identify and eliminate the waste that restrains the natural flow of the processes.

    Acquired knowledge and skills
    • Project and methodology selection process
    • Lean Six Sigma training for Sponsors
    • Lean Six Sigma training for Black Belts
    • Lean Six Sigma training for Green Belts
    • Project monitoring
    • Lean Six Sigma Sponsors, Green and Black Belt Certifications
    • System monitoring

    The specific characteristics, stages and duration of the project is established according to the clients’ needs.

  • Elimination of waste

    This training provides Lean techniques that help attendees to identify continuous improvement opportunities and generate changes in their work processes.

    Many times, change is negative perceived as an unknown and threatening fact. Other times, it is received with enthusiasm but with poor judgment. Besides training, we generate the change management experience to prepare people for different situations: resistance anticipation, crisis handling, distribution of tasks, optimizing resources, among others.

    Acquired knowledge and skills
    • Deep understanding of Lean Culture
    • Know the difference between techniques and solutions, the key to continuous improvement
    • Lean Techniques:
      • LOT 1
      • 5S
      • KANBAN
      • POKA-YOKE
    • Options to start a Lean Path
    4 Days training:

    Topics will be presented and discussed using visual presentations. The analysis of a Case Study will be developed. By analyzing the data provided, attendees apply Lean techniques and verify results (cycle time, use of resources, costs, etc). During the activity, the attendees learn from their own mistakes and successes.

  • Techniques to innovate sistematically

    We provide techniques that increase the ability to imagine and create new solutions for current and future problems.

    Work teams must be creative to develop solutions and avoid repeating mistakes. Usually, they only apply techniques such as brainstorming and others based on intuition. TRIZ is a problem solving method based on logic and data that increases the ability of the work teams to create innovative solutions. There are certain universal principles of invention that are the basis for creative solutions. Once these principles can be identified and codified, they can be taught to be used and make more predictable the process of invention. TRIZ is a systematic method for increasing the ability to create innovative solutions for the success of any organization.

    Acquired knowledge and skills
    • Attendees will be able to:
    • Understand the benefits of applying Triz
    • Understand how to improve products and processes
    • Apply Triz methodology to a specific problem in their organization

    It is an eight hours workshop. After an introduction to Triz methodology, attendees will solve a Case Study problem and then a specific problem in their organization.

  • Product and service: essential factors to win every star

    The link between the client and the hotel/restaurant is built through the employees that is why it should show the promise of the organization with an excellent service ... in every word, with every gesture.

    A sophisticated service and a high quality product are two of the variables that make the difference in hotels and restaurants: the performance of those who serve clients and those who produce food is essential to business success. Education, training and loyalty of the staff, should be priorities in the internal agenda of a hotel or restaurant. When a stay becomes an experience to recommend or a dish becomes a topic of conversation, business has exceeded customer’s expectations: it has reached their emotional state.

    Acquired knowledge and skills
    • Improvement of service and attitude towards customer
    • Waitres training
    • Cooks and kitchen helpers training
    • New staff training
    • Visit and audit of critical suppliers

    Periodical induction workshops, training and improvement processes


    Survey of internal processes of each supplier

  • Good practices. Good companies.

    The prestige and transparency of an organization is measured not only in numbers: it is also measure in intangibles facts. Social responsibility is a positive value for the image of the organization and to protect the community.

    Generation, separation and recycling of waste are not only a problem in the domestic and urban areas but also in the private service sectors such as hotels and food service businesses. Creating responsible and healthy habits among employees optimizes internal processes: the housekeeping staff and waiters should be allies to keep clean spaces, to reduce the costs and to generate social value.

    • Waste sorting
    • Recyclable waste measurement
    • Quality audits
    • Planning and management: potential buyers, costs, distribution.
    • Recycling certification by the waste buyer
    • Standards and good practices implementation
    • Workshops and training for the staff
    • Development of Strategy, Plan and Implementation to manage waste
    • Evaluate and measure waste.
    • Effectiveness index development


Offer a unique costumer experience

We create a comprehensive system that enables the organization to understand and respond to customer needs.

What is an integrated customer service response?

The Integrated Customer Response System allows to identify the customers, their requirements and the Moment of Truth experiences with the organization. This information is used to improve the processes, focusing in what each person in the organization should do and say to satisfy the customer

What services are provided?
  • Analysis of costumers’ needs and expectations
  • Benchmarking.
  • Design of Cycle Service
  • Design of the customer service processes
  • Design of procedures and scripts.
  • Design of Control Board.
  • Design of the Correction and Improvement System.
  • Staff training.
  • Installation of the new system
  • Monitoring of the new system.

The specific characteristics, stages and duration of the project is established according to the clients’ needs.


Establish best practices, implement them and measure results. That is improvement.

A company operating under Management Models improved satisfaction rates of all groups linked to it, from shareholders to customers.

What are management models?

We perform a complete organizational assessment. Among others, we analyze: the style and effectiveness of leadership, strategic direction clarity, strategic planning vision, level of customer orientation, effectiveness and efficiency in the management of processes, human and financial resources, working environment, and the use of data and information.

What services do we offer?
  • Training and advising for comparison of the real management practices against those set out in the management model.
  • Assessment and generation of improvement plans in line with the strategic objectives of the organization.
  • Training of Self-assessors.
  • Coordination and monitoring of the cycle of Self-assessment.
  • Analysis of strengths, areas for improvement and scores.
  • Development of the Improvement Plan.
  • Improvement Plan Monitoring.
  • Advice to adapt the Model to the company.

The specific characteristics, stages and duration of the project is established according to the clients’ needs.


Adaptation, incorporation of new processes, and integration

It is common to hear about changes: organizations incorporate a new software, launch new products or services, relocate their plants or offices and carry out reorganizations, among others.

We approach Change Management methodologies from a comprehensive vision that involves a deep diagnosis, customized planning, guided implementation, evaluation and monitoring of learning processes and an extensive follow up of the new behaviors. Based on ADKAR Prosci * methodology, we have improved the model to measure the impact of change and maturity that the organization has applied: we have completed the ADKAR Prosci methodology developing behavior indicators and daily monitoring methods.

*Founded in 1994, Prosci is a world leader in research and Change Management products.

  • Manage the change to be:
  • Accepted both individually and collectively.
  • Implemented in the fastest and most efficient way.
  • Incorporated in all the impacted areas and people of the organization.
Our service includes:
  • Understanding of the people and groups being impacted by the change, their interactions and networks
  • Employee Climate surveys
  • Identify resistance that can be expected and the corresponding Resistance Management Plan
  • Developing of the Communication Plan. Use of films and documentaries as an awareness and thinking exercise.
  • Change Management Training
  • Development of Change Management team
  • Soporte Training and coaching of the Change Management Team to lead the changes
  • Ongoing support with coaching and activities specifically designed for the situation.


Executive Management
Professional Board
Successful Company

The fluid communication, trust building and professional talent transform objectives, promises and expectations into tangible facts.

Depending on the organizational production and configuration scale, each organization has a unique nature and challenge. To guarantee its projection and profitability and offer excellent quality and service products, it should support the structural soundness at the Top (leader, directors, senior managers) and the base (workers, employees, external suppliers). For this, the Executive Management is indispensable but it is not enough, the integration of a Professional Board (experts on business, legal topics, marketing, human resources, etc.) must be on any family small, medium, large or multinational company. The Board must assure the creation and implementation of practical norms and processes for cohesion and transparency. The Management or Council must have a clear and precise protocol about the governance of the company.

Modality of the program

The workshop is aimed at partners in the company, members of the family involved and independent directors and it is conducted by Dr. Marcos E. J. Bertin throughout a day with lunch.


Presentation and introduction to Corporate Governance


Question time


Group discussions among participants




Learn more about us by reading what our clients have to say

Clientes de IMCG
Clientes de IMCG
Clientes de IMCG
Clientes de IMCG


Raúl Molteni

Raul is an Engineer, CEO of IMCG, American Society for Quality Board of Directors nominated member, Academician of the International Academy for Quality, Vice Chair of the Quality in Governance Think Tank of the International Academy for Quality, Technical Director of the Regional Teams Competition in Argentina, Argentina Country Counselor at the American Society for Quality, member of the ASQ Lean Division and IGEP member. He is Certified Director (DEC - ADE - IGEP), ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt and Master Black Belt ASQ.

Raúl designs and develops projects to install excellent performance and innovation through models of excellence, change management, standardization, continuous improvement processes and Lean Six Sigma, at all levels of the organization including the Corporate Board.

He completed numerous trainings in the United States, Mexico, Brazil and France. Among them, Triz methodology, theory of constraints, Benchmarking, Balanced Scorecard, risk management, internal audits ISO 9000, methodology of the Malcolm Baldrige Award US examiners and the Levinson Institute change management and organization techniques.

He has been a professor at different educational institutions and he is coauthor of the books “El Liderazgo del Lean Six Sigma” and “Calidad, estrategia de negocios”.

Bertin Quality Consulting

We work with Bertin Quality Consulting

Dr. Marcos E. J. Bertin (CEO of Bertin Quality Consulting)

Over 50 years of experience in Executive and Board positions in the Gillette Co. and Firmenich S.A. in Buenos Aires, Boston and Geneva. Invited speaker on Quality, Management and Corporate Governance in International Conferences in Brazil, U.S.A., Hungary, Israel, Turkey, UAE and Argentina.

Quality, Corporate Governance and General Management Consultant.

Swiss - Argentine Chamber of Commerce (CCSA) - Member of the Board & Former president (1996-2000). / Founder and former President of the Business Foundation for Quality and Excellence (FUNDECE) / Chairman of the International Academy for Quality (2003-2005).

Member of the Advisory Group of the Corporate Governance Forum for the Private Sector of the IFC/ World Bank. / Fellow member of the American Society for Quality, USA and Member of the National Association for Corporate Directors, US.

Claudio D. Bertin (Director of Bertin Quality Consulting)

Food Industry Technology specialist with a broad experience in areas related to Quality and Human Resources. ISO 9000 Auditor and Examiner for the Argentine National Award for Quality. He completed training on bio foods and HACCP in the SQS, in Zollikofen, Switzerland in 2002. Director of Food Quality Consulting.

Hernán Pinque

Hernán has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Sciences. He has been trained as Six Sigma Black Belt at Movistar.

Hernán develops Lean Six Sigma improvement projects and provides leadership training for high performance work teams at leading companies such as Banco Hipotecario, LATAM Airlines, Molinos Rio de la Plata, Danone, Culligan, Ball, Phillips Morris and Sullair.

During the last 18 years, he has worked for telecommunications companies. He was Quality and Training Manager at Telecom Personal for 7 years, specializing in Customer Experience, processes improvement, quality development and communication (Intranet and E -learning).

Hernán is Registered Coordinator for COPC PSIC norms since 2001 and Black Belt (BellSouth methodology) since 2003.

Verónica Rosanó

Verónica is an Industrial Engineer and has a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

She has been training teams in Lean and Six Sigma at Telefónica de Argentina for over 5 years. She has also worked for Movicom and Movistar (Green Belt and Black Belt Six Sigma projects).

Verónica has an extensive experience in implementing improvement processes methodologies such as Six Sigma, Lean and Kaizen techniques in multinational services companies. She has led several interdisciplinary projects related to operating and support processes.

She has been Process Excellence and Quality Senior Manager at Firstsource Solutions SA. Also, she has been the Region Manager of Process Excellence India, responsible of planning, training, implementation and control of continuous improvement methodologies (DMAIC, Six Sigma, Lean). She has been Master Black Belt at Kraft Foods and other leading international companies in Argentina.

Verónica is also Registered Coordinator Training COPC and has been speaker at international conferences on Six Sigma.

María del Carmen Galíndez

María del Carmen is a Mathematics Professor. She is ASQ Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Master Black Belt ASQ and coordinates projects of processes improvement and Six Sigma.

She is responsible for the design and implementation of quality systems (including ISO certifications) and quality audits. She provides education and training for internal quality auditors for several organizations.

María del Carmen was a member and Quality Assistant of the National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI). Also, she was the Director of the Mathematics Laboratory, specialized in Statistical Sampling in the area of quality assurance for the nuclear activity in Argentina, a project developed by the National Atomic Energy Commission.

She is a member of ASQ (American Society for Quality) and IPACE.

María del Carmen is Associate Professor at ITBA, in the Quality and Quality Systems department and in the Division of Continuing Education providing training in quality management for different companies. She is a certified professor by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität, delivering quality management and internal auditor training for SMEs.

She has been speaker in numerous seminars and conferences related to quality management.

María Soledad Vassarotto

María Soledad is an Information Systems Technician and is currently completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.

She has more than 10 years of experience providing consulting services and leading Change Management projects.

As a consultant, she has worked at Deloitte LATCO, managing organizational change in several important companies in the region.

María Soledad has worked in different Change Management projects, including the incorporation of new technologies, implementation of new digital tools, developing Customer Experience Management strategies (CEM), implementation of CRM platforms, optimization of new processes and defining new business strategies, among others.

She has led projects for organizations such as the General Bank of Panama, Interbank (Peru), Kraft Foods, Prosegur, Gilbarco, Telecom Personal, AGEA (Diario Clarín) and ICE (Costa Rican Institute of Electricity and Telecommunications.

Daniel Martínez

Daniel is a Chemical Engineering.

He is ASQ Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and ASQ Certified Quality Engineer. He is also Six Sigma Black Belt (QSP Brazil under Smarter Solutions, USA license) and ASQ Master Black Belt. He is leader auditor of ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 and Hygiene and HACCP auditor for food and cosmetics companies.

He is a consultant and develops the implementation of Lean Six Sigma, methodologies and techniques of continuous improvement, quality tools and ISO 9000.

Daniel has been Regional Quality Manager at Unilever HPC (South America, Caribbean, Central America and Mexico), Quality Management Manager at Unilever River Plate and Quality Assurance Manager at Elida Pond`s of Argentina.

He is a Senior Member of ASQ and also member of IPACE (Argentine Professional Institute for Quality and Excellence) and IACC (Argentine Institute for Quality).

Daniel is Academic Coordinator and Professor of the "Integrated Quality Management" program at ITBA (Buenos Aires Institute of Technology). He is also professor for the ASQ Six Sigma courses in Argentina.

He has been speaker in conferences in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, El Salvador and Dominican Republic.

María Belén Montaldo

Belén is an Industrial Engineer and Quality Engineer specialized in Lean.

She is a Value Stream Mapping coach and has completed Green Belt training.

Belén is a Lean consultant at different companies such as 3M, Táktica, Alba AkzoNobel, Massalin Individuals, Siderar, Vitamin and UMA, Kromberg & Schubert, Medix, Compañía Argentina de Granos S.A., Talleres Gráficos Morales and Panificadoras El Cañón. She develops the implementation of Lean, continuous improvement and management systems methodologies.

She is a professor at the Technological Institute of Buenos Aires (ITBA), conducting classes related to quality improvement.

Belén has been in charge of Lean Manufacturing at Kromberg & Schubert, has been responsible for developing and applying Lean methodologies in after-sales operations at General Motors Argentina, and she also has been Suppliers Local Planning Leader at Ford Motor Company.

She is the founder and current Director of Lean Experience.

Mariela Hernández

Mariela has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

She has completed Lean Six Sigma Black Belt -Ipace-ASQ training and postgraduate education such as a Management Training Course in Continuous Improvement and Team Work Training at AOTS, Yokohama, Japan and Management and Business at Universidad de San Andrés, Argentina.

Mariela has worked for telecommunications companies for over 10 years. She has been providing training in Excellence Models and team work behavior at Telefónica de Argentina for more than 5 years. She has also occupied various positions at Telecom Argentina, such as Positions Coordinator, HR Training and Development, Quality Manager and Project Manager, leading continuous improvement processes.

As a consultant, she has participated in the development of cultural and operational diagnostics at various organizations such as Osim, Close up, Megatone (Bazar Avenida SA) and CCC among others. Mariela also has an extensive experience in organizational change and continuous improvement in SMEs from different type of industries.

She serves as a judge at the Argentina National Quality Award and the Ibero-American Quality Award.

Mariela has taught training programs in Coaching and Organizational Change subject.

Lorena Carmody

Lorena has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

She has an extensive experience in the Telecommunication industry, developing and leading high performance teams in commercial, quality and after-sales departments.

Lorena has been trained and certified as Lean Six Sigma Black Belt at Telefónica. She has led improvement and innovation projects and was part of the Black Belts Improvement Community for 8 years.

She has a Degree in Business Management and E Commerce at Escuela Europea de Negocios.

Lorena also completed training in HR and Change Management at IAE Business School.

Gustavo Osre

Gustavo has a Bachelor’s Degree in Audiovisual Communication. He has an extensive experience and knowledge in Six Sigma, COPC CSP, LEAN and PMO.

He worked as Process Manager in Telecom Personal for 7 years, performing tasks such as negotiating solutions, process design, project implementation and monitoring of operations.

Gustavo participated in projects such as: Contacts Efficiency, TMO Improvement, Portability Implementation, National Numbering Change, Improving FCR, Change BRM biller, Claim Reduction, High Line Companies efficiency improvement (IPACE Award), Migration from CRM to Siebel, among others.

Maximiliano Giménez

Maximiliano has a Bachelor’s Degree in HR Administration. He is a specialist in Consulting and Training in Quality Management and Continuous Improvement Systems implementation. He completed Six Sigma Black Belt training.

He has been working as a consultant on Data Collection, Analysis and Improvement of Processes for both manufacturing and services companies such as Coca-Cola Argentina, DirecTV, Aguas Argentinas, Temaikèn Foundation, Fundación Sanidad Ejército Argentino, Infofax – Infosic, R.T.S.A., Tísico and Forestadora Tapebicuá.

Maximiliano has worked in the development of Cultural and Operating Diagnostics for different companies like Osim and Megatone (Bazar Avenida SA), among others.

He has also worked as an external consultant, providing services in implementation and training of Quality Management Systems based on ISO 9001 in several multinational companies.

Maximiliano has also participated in the design and implementation of Customer Service Models and various Self-Assessment processes based on the Argentina National Quality Award model.

He was invited to present the module "Quality and Continuous Improvement" at IASE and he has participated as a speaker in training seminars related to human resources, quality management and continuous improvement.

Mónica Beranger

Mónica has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science.

She completed Six Sigma Green Belt training at FirstSource Solutions, where she led different improvement processes projects.

Mónica has provided training services in various international companies such as Indra SI, Verizon Business, FirstSource Solutions and Symantec. She has designed and coordinated training programs in companies where she worked in areas such as technology, customer service, leadership and teamwork. She developed e-learning courses in the areas of customer service and coach manager that were implemented in different companies.

She is Certified Coach and professor of the Thinking Systems at ICP. She was also a member of the team of coaches in the program Coaching for Top Talent Directors at Symantec.

Mónica has an extensive experience in Change Management projects including a global system implementation at Symantec, culture and processes change for customers at Indra, outsourcing of processes at Verizon Business and start-ups to FirstSource Solutions.

She teaches workshops for SMEs in leadership, teamwork, communication tools and skills development in human resources management.

Rodolfo Danishewsky

Rodolfo is a Mechanical Engineer and a Social physiologist graduated from the Pichón Riviere Social Psychology School.

He has a postgraduate education in Project Management and Strategic Management at Universidad de Belgrano.

Rodolfo is ISO 9000 Leader Auditor, has completed a Master’s in Human Resources and Knowledge Management at Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes. He has background education in Total Quality -AOTS - Japan 1990, SME Management -GTZ - Germany 1995, Quality Management - AOTS-Japan 1999, and Coacher certified by the ICC in 2006.

He is Director of Consulting in Improvement Processes at CVL Calidad de Vida Laboral S.A. since 1987 where he has worked with numerous organizations of Argentina, Chile and Bolivia.

Rodolfo was Chief of the Operational Research Division in YPF, Training Specialist at Ford Motor Argentina and Manufacturing Staff Engineer at Ford Motor Argentina.

He is Coordinator, Overseer and Examiner of the Argentina National Quality Award Foundation, Private Sector since 1996. He has also been Judge and Judge’s Coordinator of the Argentina National Teams Competition - IPACE - ASQ since 2009.

Rodolfo is professor at different Universities.

Carolina Sordelli
Director of Business Development

Carolina has a Bachelor´s Degree in Sociology.

She has worked in different consulting firms in the area of marketing research, developing, processing and analyzing data from social research using both quantitative and qualitative techniques.

Carolina has been Media Manager in a DirecTV dealer company being responsible for developing marketing and investment strategies in advertising, based on the creation and the analysis of different statistics techniques.

She has worked for one of the largest financial institution in the United States, Wells Fargo Advisors, providing support to financial advisors in different areas related to the consolidation of the relationship with customers: producing and analyzing data and reports, as well as developing marketing campaigns.

Carolina has also taught English classes at Rancho Santiago Community College and has taught Spanish classes at the enterprise level for different companies on the West Coast of the United States.

Lucila del Giudice
Client Associate

Lucila is a teacher of English who has taught, coordinated and implemented Bilingual Projects at all levels in different schools. She has also trained student-teachers in methodology and language at College level.

She is Self – Esteem Practitioner (2000) and completed the “Programa de Dirección de Centros Educativos (DICE)” from Universidad Austral, Buenos Aires, Argentina (1996).

Lucila has been attending ASQ World Conferences since 2007 and actively participated in the training and rehearsal of Argentinian teams that received gold, silver and bronze awards in the International Team Excellence Award Competition from 2009 to 2015.

She received training as judge in the Competencia Regional de Equipos that takes place in Buenos Aires every year and has acted as coordinator of the group of judges that have assessed Teams in the Education Category from 2013 to 2015.

Milagros Silva

Milagros has finished high school at St. Catherine´s Moorlands School.

She is currently studying Business Administration at Universidad de Buenos Aires.

Milagros has worked as an executive assistant at a renowned law firm called "Brons & Salas" and is currently assistant at IMCG, dealing with different administrative tasks such as handling of the agendas, coordinating interviews and meetings, answering phone calls and managing travel logistics for all the IMCG team members.


Industry recognition continues to motivate us.

The ASQ International Team Excellence Award Competition have been awarded to teams that IMCG have coached within the period 2010 to 2015


Training and coaching of Telefonica Team gold award winner.


Training and coaching of Telefonica Team gold award winner and Movistar Team bronze award winner.


Training and coaching of Tgestiona Team gold award winner.


Training and coaching of Telefonica Team silver award winner.


Training and coaching of Tgestiona Team gold award winner.


Training and coaching of Telefonica Team gold award winner and Movistar Team bronze award winner.








Training and coaching of Telefonica Team gold award winner.

Training and coaching of Telefonica Team gold award winner and Movistar Team bronze award winner.

Training and coaching of Tgestiona Team gold award winner.

Training and coaching of Telefonica Team silver award winner.

Training and coaching of Tgestiona Team gold award winner.

Training and coaching of Telefonica Team gold award winner and Movistar Team bronze award winner.

Our motivation is to enhance people’s potential in order to improve internal processes and exceed results in an organization

Raúl Molteni - CEO at MCG

Contact us

(+54911) 5581.9102


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